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Affordable and trustworthy High Performing Woman Coach
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Achieving your dreams can be stressful.  Are you worried about....​

  • Not being able to afford a coach?
  • Coaching services didn't work in the past?
  • Your materials not being what you thought?
  • Having to wait months and month and still no results?
If so, we get it.  We're here to help bring your purpose and passion to life.

Your goals and dreams can

become a reality

  1. Get a free discovery call
  2. Design your dream life
  3. Achieve your goals fast without going over budget

With Cherie, the process is painless

You're the one in charge
  • You pick the times that reflect your unique schedule
On-Demand and Affordable
  • Our coaching sessions always covers your pain points and offer a monthly payment option, protecting your time and investment
Safe Community
  • Have peace of mind that you will be supported and loved in our private mastermind group.

Rest Assured Discoverying Your Purpose and Passion Will Be A Breeze

Virtual Team Meeting
Clapping Audience

Receiving coaching can feel scary.  It can be stressful and time consuming.. But it doesn't have to be that way.  With Cherie, you wil get all the coaching without all the stress. READ MORE




Your Global Business Connector

My personal mission is to inspire and empower women to have it all — no excuses! 



This program is designed for those who need that spark back  in their life...who are ready to break free and live their dreams.


Six Figure


 6 Week Coaching Program

6 modules, 6 interactive Q&A

Your transition to creating your power position.

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 7 E.L.E.V.A.T.E Your Life Principles

Bring your genius to the next level.7 E.L.E.V.A.T.E Your Life Principles to master a millionaire mindset, and bring your genius to the next level


Cherie Speaks

Cherie Griffith-Dunn is a Business Catalyst and High Performing Woman Coach, who helps high achieving women build, grow and scale their business to 6 figures and beyond with ease.

She is a Best Selling Author and Speaker teaching women how to be bold & rise up to receive their greatness. She has helped over 1000 rising Leaders go from good to great, using her 7 E.L.E.V.A.T.E Your Life Principles.


Cherie is known for her bold approach to helping people build a better you, no excuses!

She speaks to corporate employees, business owners, entrepreneurs and helps you go from good to great using her 7 E.L.E.V.A.T.E your life principles. 

Audiences walk away with skills, tools and keys to mastering your millionaire mindset, bringing your genius to the next level and owning your seat at the table.

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